Elysian Custom Baseball Gloves – Elysian Baseball Gloves

Could your baseball GLOVE be costing you more hits, runs, games and possibly more?

“The Ripple Effect” – one small miss or mistake can have profound consequences on your season.

How does the combination of “Featherlite”and “PilloSoft” technologies eliminate your Top Defensive Killer…?

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Elysian Lineup

The Elysian glove features the highest grade US kip leather for a lightweight but ultra durable glove

Every glove comes to you virtually broken in with an amazing pop every time you catch the ball… everyone hitter will know when you’ve put them away.


Is it possible a glove could help you turn “Web Gems” with just a couple tweaks?

Meet The Scoop… the glove that turns base hits into “web gems.”


Could this glove help you rob hitters of more home runs and extra base hits..?

Meet The Robber… the ultimate glove outfielders use to steal a hitter’s HRs and RBIs…

The Closer – Pitcher

Meet the Closer… where bunts, infield singles and comebackers go to die

The Backstop-Catcher

Imagine a glove that frames the perfect target for your pitchers… and block more balls in the dirt

Meet the Backstop… the ultimate target for pitchers and your backstop for balls in the dirt…